Founded in 1980, we've grown to a full service aluminum camper shell manufacturer with over 85 dealers. We manufacture Commercial, Utility, and Recreational camper shells; which are also known as toppers,caps, and canopies. Our mission is to provide our dealers with quality aluminum camper shells; both commercial and recreational, for customers to depend on. We welcome Commercial and Fleet accounts. Whether you are looking for a truck shell, a work shell, a recreational shell, a canopy, a utility bed, or a custom size aluminum camper shell we can make it. Stop in at a Dealer, today.

Workmate Camper Shell is what the name implies: a Workmate (helper). It is manufactured for commercial tasks. All aluminum roofs are bent to the shape of the Tig welded aluminum roof. No screw fasteners are needed on the roof; keeping it water tight. Workmate seams are sealed with foam tape, no oil based putty tape as to insure our commercial and utility work shell and canopies are water tight. Pop rivets are used instead of screws; screws often vibrate loose. We take great pride in our work shells and canopies. more...
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